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Posted by George Parker on

When you ditch the headphones and run, sometimes you notice things. Or, maybe even learn something new. 

This afternoon, I ran my normal neighborhood loop. Around mile 3, I crested a hill on top of which is a neighborhood swimming pool. There's an sign at front - one of those big ones with affixed letters you can move to spell messages. Normally the sign is announcing hiring lifeguards or swim lessons. At least, I think. 

But today, in my un-wired state, I saw something new. 

6 Months to the Perihelion

Well that is certainly a word I had never heard before. Maybe it's common knowledge, but not for me. I spent the next 5 miles thinking through the word's meaning. I didn't have a phone, so couldn't look it up. Instead, I had to reason the old fashioned way. Helio I figured had something to do with the sun from Greek origins. Peri I was less sure about. I thought about the words words periscope and period. In each of these, I reasoned peri- had something to do with the concept of "through". 

As I returned to my driveway, I concluded that Perihelion had something to do with the being "through the sun", and it occurred in January (6 months from now). Having just seen a solar eclipse a few months ago, the closest thing to "through the sun" for me would some some type of eclipse. 

Am I right? Look it up and see for yourself! :)

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