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Boston Marathon Training - Week 4

Posted by George Parker on

Week 4 done! *Knock on wood* I’m feeling good and strong. I finished this week right at 50 miles plus an extra 90 minutes of cardio cross-training. I had two workouts this week and 4 easy runs. 

Speed sessions continue targeting 5:42 5k effort. This week the progression was 6x800. Felt smooth and effortless. (I took my rest day before the workout, which probably helped). 

6 mile marathon tempo run felt good at 6:44-6:50 mile pace. And, I’ve started my strategic Newton Hills training during these tempo runs. 

The kids got strep this past weekend. Even suck kids are amazingly in good spirits. So far, the boys are better and Alycia/I have avoided infection. 

It’s annual planning season at work, so busy time. Early mornings and later nights test my resolve- but these walls have been tested before and they do not crack! :)

Lastly, compression socks. Why am I just learning about these! I’ve dabbled in the past, but now I’m wearing to bed and to work after hard workouts. My legs feel awesome the next day!

Someone needs to design compression socks that look good wearing to the office. Hmmm....

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