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Boston Marathon Training - Week 5

Posted by George Parker on
Boston Marathon Training - Week 5
Five weeks down and Thirteen left. And, at the moment, nothing to complain about.

I finished the week with 55 miles --- 10% increase vs. previous week. I considered pushing to 60 miles, but I have stayed healthy by keeping weekly increases to less than 10%. Patience. Next week, I'll make a push for 60 miles.

Three workouts this week, so more intense than prior week.

The weekly speed workout went well. My legs are turning quick, and I'm hitting 5:49/mi interval paces. Soon, I'll be doing mile repeats at this effort, which will require more cardiovascular recruitment. We'll see how that goes!

The weekend long run was near perfect. I ran too fast at 7:15 vs. goal range of 7:19 to 7:29. (Grade-Adjusted Pace for the unfriendly neighborhoods hills was even fast at 7:09). I need to dial this pace down to keep healthy and rested for the weekly speed and tempo workouts.

The only watch-out this week was my tempo run at goal marathon effort. I overachieved vs. goal, but the effort was more than anticipated. Next week, I increase this workout to 7 miles. This will be the key workout next week, so I'm going to try to dial-in as best as possible. Hopefully, this run will be a bit smoother. It is still early in the cycle, so I don't expect this run to be effortless yet. That will come later!

I am particularly proud of Week 5 running given the rest of my life. The boys were still recovering from Strep, Flu, and "some other" virus according the Urgent Care Doctor. Somehow, Alycia and I managed to navigate this week with only mild sore throats. And, work, as usual was unpredictable and reactive. More unexpected late nights and non-stop desk sessions. It's a mentally and physically trying pace.

Good thing I have some experience with these sessions from running.

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