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My First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class

Posted by George Parker on

Cross-training has never been a big part of my running regimen. Mainly, as a professional worker and family guy, the time doesn't seem to exist. Aside from basic calisthenics, running has been my primary focus. 

That is until yesterday. 

I've been reading a lot about Braziliian Jiu Jitsu ("BJJ") --- as a practical martial arts for self defense in real world situations. I did karate as a kid, but ultimately abandoned when I realized that a bigger bully could simply tackle me and beat me up. I am certainly not an expert on jiu jitsu, but a key tenant is teaching how to fight in just such a situation - more formerly known as a grappling art. 

Thus, the practical nature of BJJ appeals to me. Plus, it's an opportunity to join a community of people to continue networking and making new friends. (For me, running is principally a solo endeavor, which I have always preferred for both scheduling and introversion reasons). 

The class was challenging and humbling. I'm going to stick with it. And, I think I'll find at least one benefit for running --- FLEXIBILITY. After grappling with more "bendy" partners, I am now quite aware of my tight hamstrings.

Time to stretch - unless I want to stay on the mat forever. 

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