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Running and Thanksgiving

Posted by George Parker on

Happy Thanksgiving Runners!

2017 has been a great year. Personally, I have much to be thankful for both inside and outside my running life. So, I thought it would be nice to consider the most thankful moments in my running over the past year.

1. California International and Boston Marathon: In two weeks on December 3rd, I run the California International Marathon (“CIM”) in Sacramento, California. This race has been several years in the making. Two years ago I sent my marathon PR at the Columbus Marathon (3:03:54), which allowed my to participate in the 2017 Boston Marathon. Shortly after Columbus, I secretly wondered if it was possible for me to run under 3 hours in the marathon. This year, I committed to running more miles than ever. The sub-3 hour goal may be beyond my physical potential, but this is my year to give it my best attempt.

Over the past 12 months, I have run 2,452 cumulative miles with an average of 47 miles per week. The past six weeks of my CIM build, I have averaged +80 miles per week – peaking at 90 miles. I’m thankful my body has remained healthy and allowed me to accumulate my highest-ever miles, which I know will produce a strong performance at CIM.

Weekly Miles Bar Graph.PNG
Cumulative Miles Graph.PNG

2.  1st Place Age Group while working 55+ hours per week and raising a family: I’m proud of my race results this year. I work a demanding Fortune 500 job while raising a family with two young boys. It’s hard work fitting-in runs early in the morning or late at night. I’m thankful for my consistency and discipline to make it all work. (And the race hardware is nice too…)

·         1st overall – Countryside YMCA Applefest 5K
·         3rd age group – Atlanta BeltLine East 10K
·         Boston Marathon Finisher
·         Top 1,000 at Peachtree Road Race 10K
·         1st age group- Piedmont Park 5K

3. My running support team: No one can accomplish important things in life on his or her own. I am thankful for the individuals in my life who provide advice, support, and encouragement. They include my running coach (who helps me achieve more than I thought was possible), my wife (who allows me to train and supports my leisure), my in-laws (who grandparent the kids so I can sneak away for a run), my kids (who behave in the basement when I run on the treadmill), my running friends (who share tips and encourage), and countless others.    

4. Confidence to set bold goals. Given my hard-work over the past 12 months, I am publicly setting big goals for the California International Marathon in two weeks. Achieving any of the below goals will be a welcomed conclusion to a great running season.

A.      Sub-3 hours (6:52 per mile)
B.      < 3:03:54 (7:01 per mile - new PR)
C.      < 3:07 (7:.08 per mile - Boston Qualifying Cut-off for my age group)

So this Thanksgiving, here's my advice for how to run with family in town and big dinner plans: Start by being thankful for all those who enable your running life. Just make sure to get in those miles in first. 

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