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Weekend Long Run - February 27, 2021

Posted by George Parker on

Weekly Running Log

Here is your weekly recap of running topics I have been exploring. 

Workout topic I wrote -
Best ZWIFT Running Routes. ZWIFT is transforming treadmill running. I'm a huge ZWIFT fan and I have maxed out the running level on the app (yikes!). ZWIFT was designed for cycling, so getting started as a runner can be intimidating. This is a list of my favorite running courses. 

Workout topic from the Archives -
Do you need a Running Coach? At some point, every runner will ask this question. Although not an expert, I have experience and opinions that may help you navigate the decision. Overall, I recommend...Read More

Watch. 2010 Chicago Marathon. Sammy's last race. 
The 2010 Chicago Marathon
 had an epic finish between Kenyan Sammy Wanjiru and Ethiopian Tsegaye Kebede. Tragically, six months later, the 24-year old Sammy would be gone. If you haven't seen it before, spend a few minutes and watch the finale. Watch

I'm reading Two Hours by Ed Caesar (book review coming soon) and was reminded of this race. A section in the book explores the backstory of Sammy, including his struggles with alcohol and fame that contributed to his untimely death.

Science Article I Read
How much does running performance decline every decade?  A study in the Frontiers of Physiology analyzed 40 runners who have run sub-3 hour marathons in 5 consecutive decades. The report concludes that runner will decline less than...Read More

Strava Club
Our PEREGRUNE Strava Club keeps growing! I love seeing our member's great workouts throughout the week. Follow along if you don't already. 

Best wishes on chasing your running goals!

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