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OUTLAST Running Singlet
(100% Merino Wool Engineered for Runners)


Outlast your competition, the weather, and odor with the OUTLAST singlet. 

PEREGRUNE OUTLAST singlet is Engineered for runners, not everyone else. Merino Wool is nature's miracle fabric that belongs in every runner's arsenal. The naturally wicking, temperature regulating material makes the merino wool singlet ideal for wearing alone in Spring/Fall or as a Winter baselayer. Go longer without "stink," as merino wool is naturally antimicrobial and order resistant. 

  • PREMIUM MERINO WOOL: 100% New Zealand Merino Wool at 210gsm for the ideal combination of comfort, performance, and breathability.
  • ODOR RESISTANT: Outlast odor. Synthetics stick and smell. While synthetics running shirts wick away moisture, merino traps moisture and releases it as water vapor before it turns to sweat, stopping odor-causing bacteria in their tracks. No more post-run stink, laundry basket smells, or need to wash after every run. 
  • COMFORTABLE - NO ITCH, NO CHAFING: Outlast comfort. Merino is soft on the skin and never itchy or irritating. Compared to cotton and synthetic shirts, merino wool is smooth and soft to the touch: no more chafing, itching, or discomfort. 
  • RUNNERS' CUT: ENGINEERED DIFFERENTLY - Fitted torso cut to avoid an excessively long-length singlet.  The shoulder straps are thin and razor-backed for maximum comfort, mobility, and breathability. The singlet has reinforced stitching for durability.
    • NATURALLY THERMOREGULATING: Outlast weather. Nature designed merino wool to keep sheep warm in temperatures as low as -4F and cool in temperatures up to 95F. Merino is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature.
    • MADE IN USA - Our running singlet is 100% cut, sewn, and produced in the USA with the finest merino wool imported from New Zealand. Compare versus other mainstream brands and see the difference. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answered by George, our Founder

    • Why a Multivitamin for Runners?

      I want to tell you a little bit about Peregrune Runner Multivitamin and what makes it unique. You can watch a video clip explanation from George, our founder by clicking.

      First, our product is engineered for runners, not the everyday adult. Most mainstream vitamins are made for everyday adults and, if you run, you're different. You are spending more energy on a given day than the average adult. You are sweating out more nutrients and minerals, and your muscles are working harder. You need something designed for you and your needs, not those of the average, less active adult every day.

      I used my running experience and chemistry background to design Peregrune Runner Multivitamin.

      It starts with a probiotic and digestive enzyme at its core to improve digestive health. If you're a runner, you need good gut health to make sure you can absorb the nutrients in your food.

      Our multivitamin is a complete B vitamin. It has all 12 vitamins in the B-complex. Most mainstream vitamins only have between six and eight of the B complex vitamins. We have all of them because the B family of vitamins is what is needed for the production of energy in cells, the ATP creation process, something that's even more important to you if you're a runner compared to the everyday adult.

      Next, our product contains five times antioxidants, vitamin C and E. And that's because when you run, when you exercise, your body naturally produces free radicals and, if left unchecked, these free radicals can damage cells, they can damage muscles, leading to inflammation and long-term damage. If you are a runner, you need antioxidants in your body at the level of your activity.

      Finally, our product is wrapped in 42 fruits and vegetables to add nutrient diversity to your diet and help increase the absorption of the vitamin because it's being ingested along with whole food.

      Perhaps most importantly, we partnered with a manufacturing producer who has achieved the highest level of certification with the NSF and GMP to, first and foremost, make sure the product is safe, to make sure that it's consistent. It has the highest quality standard for all of our runners. The result is Peregrune Runner Multivitamin, in which one tablet can replace six to eight of normal mainstream vitamins on the market.

      See you all at the finish line.

      Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer

    • Is PEREGRUNE Drug-Free?

      Yes, and here are three things that we do to ensure that every batch is not contaminated. You can watch a video clip explanation from George, our founder by clicking.

      First, we run a Certificate of Analysis on every product batch to guarantee what we say is on the label.

      Second, our manufacturing partner has the highest certification of quality, consistency, and purity in the industry: NSF GMP certified. We partnered with them precisely for this so that we don’t have any cross-contamination in our supplements. What we make, we want to make sure, is what we’re giving you.

      Third, where supplements tend to get contaminated are the ones that are promoting metabolic fat burning or similar stimulant boosting claims. These supplements often flirt with the WADA anti-doping list. PEREGRUNE doesn’t believe in stimulants or steroids for energy. We believe in balanced nutrition and that all energy starts with the ATP creation process, which relies on the Vitamin B-Complex. That’s why our multivitamin has such an emphasis on Vitamin B’s.

      See you at the Finish Line.

      Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer

    • Too Expensive?

      I struggle with this question because it’s essential to compare what you’re paying to the value of what you’re receiving. Here’s a video clip from me, George the Founder, with an explanation.

      We designed PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin by focusing exclusively on runners. The result is Six bottles in One. You can take our Runner Multivitamin and replace six additional supplements otherwise needed: Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Multivitamin, Concentrated Vitamin B, Concentrated Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Minerals, 42 Fruits & Vegetables, etc.

      The net savings are six or more times cheaper than creating a similar regimen by buying your bottles. When you put it in that perspective, the product you’re getting is a significant saving.

      If the price is still a concern, there are a couple of things that we can do. You can purchase as part of a bundle with the Joint Support or Omega-3 or by subscribing to a monthly subscription. There are shipping cost savings to the company in these options, which we can pass back to you as our customer.

      Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer

    • Why supplements? Can't I just eat better?

      Yes, do that, AND consider adding a multivitamin. Here’s a short video explanation from our founder, George.

      The reality is, if you eat perfectly every day, you don’t need a multivitamin. But how many of us are eating perfectly every day? And, even if you are, there’s a good chance you’re eating the same type of foods every day because we fall into routines and patterns, so we don’t have that nutrient diversity. And if you’re like a lot of PEREGRUNE runners, time is crunched. We balance careers, families, and other hobbies, and running itself is a huge time commitment. It becomes more and more difficult to eat great every day to have nutrient diversity. Our Runner Multivitamin is here to help. It’s another tool to help you live a better life by ensuring that you are topped up with all the nutrients that you need to perform at your best and to chase your running goals in the time you have and can dedicate to running.

      See you at the Finish Line,

      Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer

    • Why not buy from Costco or the Grocery Store?

      No. You have to understand what you’re buying. Here’s a short video explanation from our Founder, George.

      I want everybody to take a multivitamin, so if Costco or something you get at the drug store is best for you, go for that. Something is better than nothing, but PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin is different. It is engineered exclusively for runners.

      It is six bottles in one. There’s a probiotic, a concentrated vitamin B with all 12 vitamin Bs, concentrated antioxidants, 42 fruits and vegetables, digestive enzymes, and other vital minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D. It’s essential to compare the labels. That’s one of the first significant differences. PEREGRUNE simply has more useful stuff at the proper concentrations than mainstream vitamins compared to the average adult. As a runner, you are different. You are working your muscles harder, using more energy, and sweating away more nutrients.

      Second, PEREGRUNE is formulated differently. Our multivitamin is vegan, GMO-free, and made in the USA. These are essential attributes to our product and brand --- and, we think, to runners.

      In general, our product features are not geared towards the mainstream adult population. It’s a different product, engineered specifically for runners. Just like with a road race, it’s critical to know what you are signing up for!

      See you at the Finish Line,

      Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer

    • Multivitamin Tablet vs. Gummy?

      Well, they are very different, aside from one being a gummy and one being a tablet. But let’s start with the things that are the same about them. Here’s a short video explanation from our founder, George.

      Both the tablet and gummy are vegetarian-friendly and made in the USA. And they are both engineered multivitamins for runners. Now, the runner multivitamin tablet is our signature form that has all of our engineering formulations. It has the probiotic, the complete vitamin B, the 10x vitamin B, the three times antioxidants, 42 fruits and vegetables, and all of the remaining vitamins and minerals. It is by far our signature product. It is vegan, and that’s the one that we recommend first and foremost for runners.

      If you don’t like the tablet, the gummy is a great option. It is vegetarian-friendly, not vegan. It is, however, gluten-free. Some things are different about PEREGRUNE compared to other gummies in the market. First, our product has 50% less sugar than the leading gummies that you will find in the stores or on Amazon. There are no artificial colors, and there’s great taste. PEREGRUNE Gummies are engineered for runners, focusing on vitamin Bs for energy, vitamin C and E for antioxidants, and vitamin D for a strong body and bones.

      Again, both the tablet and gummy are great options. If you choose, try the tablet first because it has more of the benefits runners need. But if you just can’t get around having a tablet, the gummy is a great option, and it’s a better option than other gummies in the market, especially for runners.

      See you at the Finish Line,

      Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer