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Why should Runners take Multivitamins?

Complete a Healthy Diet

We include essential vitamins, trace minerals, and 42 Fruits & Vegetables to help complete and complement a healthy diet. Busy runners often eat the same type of food everyday. A daily multivitamin helps ensure sufficient nutrient diversity for peak performance.

Maximize Energy Creation

Complete Vitamin B Complex - We use all 12 B vitamins vs. 9 in mainstream vitamins. Vitamin B complex is essential to ATP creation - the energy currency of runners. Our 2x-5x higher amount is designed for the higher energy demands of runners.

Stay Healthy

We use 5x Antioxidant Vitamin C and 2x Antioxidant to neutralize free radicals produced from running. The result is less inflammation and strong immunity.


In the past, I took a daily multivitamin, but after not really noticing a difference, I quit. What I love about it is that it has everything that I need in it, and it is all food based! This vitamin gives me the energy that I was missing when taking other multivitamins!

John G.

“If you are serious about running you should be taking this vitamin! You get everything you need from just 2 pills (including a probiotic) instead of a big handful of vitamins. My performance has undoubtedly improved with the use of this product. I will be recommending these high quality vitamins to all my competitive running friends.”

Mary M.

“I have been taking this multivitamin for a couple of months and can definitely tell a difference in my energy levels! A big selling point for me has been that this one multivitamin has the perfect mix for me. Until I discovered this multivitamin, I was taking both a daily multivitamin, a B-complex vitamin and Vitamin C. This multivitamin has large enough doses of those vitamins that I no longer need to take multiple vitamins per day . I highly recommend this multivitamin!”

Brent M.

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