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Since 2017, Peregrune® has engineered for runners - those chasing running goals while balancing life, work, and family.

Our Mission
Empower 100,000 Runners

Our Promise
Get Runners to the Starting Line Healthy, Fit, and Confident by providing science and expert-backed products.

Our Core Values




George founded PEREGRUNE in 2016 in Atlanta, GA. 

After decades of running, George started paying closer attention to his nutrition and supplementation. Using big supplement brands available at the store, he pieced together a program that consisted of 10-15 bottles. It was expensive, complicated, took up a lot of space, and still was not perfect for the needs of runners. 

George used his Chemical Engineering and Marathon background to engineer a Multivitamin for runners, not everyone else. The result was 1 multivitamin that replaced 6-8 individual bottles and was tailored to the unique energy, healthy, and recovery needs of runners. 

George lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two boys. He's a 4x Boston Marathon Qualifier that loves running and focusing on getting a little better every day.

See you at the Starting Line


(George Parker - Founder, Georgia Tech Chemical Engineer, Runner, 5x Boston Qualifer)


Runner Spotlight

Alec Sandusky
Hanson-Brooks Pro Runner

Bill Robb
+1,000 Road Races

Chip Melleby
2:56 Marathoner, U.S. Coast Guard

Chas O'Bear

NCAA Track & XC

Kristen Beiza

Runner, Weightlifter, Founder
Cabarrus Can Run

Katy Wright

Personal Trainer,
Coach, Nike Tester

Ryan Smith

1:20 Half, Pacer,Founder Brunch
Lunch Crew

Michael Culley

2:55 PR, +1,000 Day
Run Streak

Matt Mitson

Founder Level Up Run

Jeremiah Fulton

U.S. Navy Submarine Officer

Ben Arant

Father of 5,
Creative Director

Daniel Sforza

Thru Hiker

Alan Pesti

Marathoner, Army Veteran,

Leone Rusher

Owner, Shu's Idaho Running, Top 100 Store

John Thompson

3x Mt. Denali Summits

Product Certification

The supplement industry is plagued with countless options that promise to boost athletic performance, hasten recovery, and stimulate muscle growth. However, choosing the right product from a trustworthy brand is overwhelming. Moreover, U.S. laws permit companies to sell supplements without obtaining any FDA approval for safety. 

At Peregrune®, we take the quality of our products very seriously. We understand that runners of various athletic levels rely on us for safe and effective products. Sadly, many products in the market make false claims or, even worse, pose a threat to users' health. We have gone above and beyond to secure certifications that demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards in manufacturing. 

NSF GMP Registered Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

GMP certification and registration assure consumers and retailers that our product is manufactured utilizing industry best practices. Companies with GMP certification or registration receive instant eligibility for entering their products into NSF's product certification program (NSF/ANSI 173, NSF 229, and NSF Certified for Sport).  

What does it take to get NSF GMP Registration? It takes a lot! An NSF auditor conducts a thorough on-site audit, including a review of SOPs, quality systems, equipment, training records, and more, noting any non-conformances to be addressed for compliance. The audits are conducted twice a year to maintain certification. 

Third-Party Lab Testing of Each Batch 

Each product batch is lab tested to ensure the ingredients and amounts match what is stated on the Nutritional Facts Panel. We review the lab report after each production and will never release products that deviate from the quality and consistency we promise. Contact us directly to review any Certificate of Analysis.

Banned Substance Testing 

We partner with LGC Science Labs to test our products for WADA-banned substances in athletic competitions. Most of our runners are not professional athletes, but that does not mean the quality standard should be different. Contact us directly if you need a banned substance test for a specific lot.