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A Healthier View of Success

Posted by George Parker on

I am an auto racing fan and am unsure how it happened. NASCAR is my favorite series to watch. It is a pleasuring amalgamation of the sport of running and the entertainment of WWE professional wrestling. I follow the sport throughout the week and caught a conversation on NASCAR radio with Corey LaJoie that piqued my interest.

Corey is an excellent racer but drives for a small team, which makes winning races challenging against the well-known superstars of the sport who drive for larger, highly funded teams. Corey was contrasting himself with Kyle Busch, a two-time NASCAR champion and heavyweight of the sport. What impressed me about the conversation was Corey’s ability not to judge the success of his racing career against Kyle’s.

“Kyle is a savant at driving race cars,” said Corey. Corey recognized that he might never equal Kyle regarding championships or wins. Differences in talent, opportunities, and luck determine a racing career. However, Corey can have a successful career as a race car driver without becoming Kyle Busch – maybe even more successful.

Corey articulated a mature vision of a career and what makes one successful. Along with driving the #7 race car, Corey is a talented podcaster, radio host, philanthropist, industry advocate, businessman, and father. Corey is playing a different game than Kyle – and all the rest of us. We each are. Winning is not beating someone else but achieving the maximum of your potential.

Maximizing your potential.

Maybe you are lucky enough to be a savant in a particular activity. I think this is rare and a brutal measuring stick for your success. A better option is to be a savant of you. We are each unique and multifaceted. Like Corey, our aim should be to maximize our potential across the aspects of our character. It is not about beating someone else. It is about becoming the best version of yourself.

Start your engines. You have a race to win.

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