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Arm Warmers

Posted by George Parker on
Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are a must consideration for cold-weather racing. They offer the warmth of a long-sleeve shirt and the cooling of a tank top. 




I want to rip a second on arm warmers you don't I'm talking about it's basically the sleeve that you see people wearing in a race, it's just the sleeve that goes from the wrist up to kind of like middle of the of the of the tricep barrier. And that's it, it just kind of like a sleeves that you put on to your arms to keep your arms warm. They're a big deal. And they can really improve. One of the hardest things about when you go to race is it's cold outside, and you're standing the start line, you're like, oh, it's gonna be too cold, I don't want to race you want to put in all these layers. And there's always this balance between getting what you were right in terms of layers. You want to maybe put on another layer, like a long sleeve, t shirt, a sweater, whatever it is, right. But inevitably, you always forget that when you race, you're going to get really warm, your body is going to heat up and you're going to be overdressed for that occasion. And if you're overdressed, you're gonna start sweating things and get bad really, really quickly. arm warmers are a great way to prevent that. They keep the parts of your body that get cold while you're waiting around warm the extremities, your arms, a hat and gloves for your hands, right those that are parts that get cold that make you feel cold. You can wear disposable gloves, no problem you can wear like a disposable beanie, no problem. But it's hard to keep the warm form without putting on another shirt and arm warmer lets you obviously get around that particular element, it can keep your arms warm. And as you start running, you can start shedding the layers that warm up first, get rid of your hat, get rid of your gloves, and you have the arm warmers are and they keep your arms well, they keep them not cold while you're running. Because your body heat is going to heat up from your heart doing all the work, it's going to keep your core and your legs warm, because that's where the bloods flowing less bloods go into your arms. And so throughout the race, the arm warmers, keep your extremities still from from getting cold. They also provide a level of prevention against the wind and the elements. And so that works out too. And the great thing about them is that because it's not a full shirt, it keeps your armpits open, which is a key area where heat and sweat are trying to leave an evaporative Ira without getting trapped. So maybe they look silly, and maybe haven't considered them before. But pick them up, right give it a shot. It is a perfect way for you to regulate temperature at a race without having put on extra layers and restricting the ability for your body to sweat and dissipate heat. They keep your arms warm. They keep you protected from the elements and they do so in a way that isn't hindering your performance when necessary layers. So just the riff. If you haven't thought about it before, think about it now.

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