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A day that got away from me. Almost.

Posted by George Parker on

A day that got away from me. Almost.

Today was one of those days when I got up late and missed my run. Work got busy and stole from lunch and planned priorities. Hours slipped away in activity. But I wasted time too. I knew I was wasting time, but I wasted it anyways. Responsibility sobered me up, and I parented when the kids came home from school: picking up, dropping them off, cooking, playing, being there, and sending them off to bed.

Then I ran. I almost didn’t, but I did. I had seven miles planned and got it down. It was hard to start, but after five minutes, I felt energized.

Now, I am done running, and I have a second wind. I will probably pay for it tomorrow by staying up late, but when the wind and muse come, you listen. I have writing, administration, and reading to mark off my daily list, and I won’t spend as much time on each as I want to. But, I will spend some time, even if briefly.

Today was a day that almost got away from me. But it didn’t.

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