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From Level 21 to 30: ZWIFT's New Running Gear

Posted by George Parker on
<b>From Level 21 to 30: ZWIFT's New Running Gear</b>

I love running on ZWIFT. I never minded running on the treadmill, and with ZWIFT, indoor running is even more enjoyable. If you haven’t heard of ZWIFT, read my previous blog on how to get started with ZWIFT.

ZWIFT has a fun feature called XP or experience points. The more you run, the more experience points you get. As you gain experience points, you unlock different levels where your avatar can access new gear (shirts, hats, socks, accessories, etc.) The trouble is your experience level tapped out at Level 21 for many years. No matter how much more you ran, you never advanced beyond Level 21, never unlocking near gear. At its core, ZWIFT is a platform for indoor cycling. Running was an add-on feature, so I always understood that runners would be second fiddle.

Now is our time!

Earlier this year, ZWIFT announced runners can unlock Levels 22 to 30. That’s a lot of running to achieve the maximum level. New gear has been added for each new level. Here’s the full article from ZWIFT summarizing the gear unlock for each level.

I am halfway through Level 22, sporting the ZWIFT Orange Tank Top. (I’m also wearing the thicker winter beard, in case anyone cared to notice.) The Animal Socks at Level 23 are not very interesting, but the Electric Blue Tank at Level 24 looks nice!

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