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How different would your life be if you never started running?

Posted by George Parker on

How different would your life be if you never started running?

Dark Matter is a show on Apple TV. I run many treadmill miles, especially during the hot and humid Atlanta summer, so I'm always looking for good TV shows. Dark Matter explores how a choice creates two distinct paths for life - and then imagines these two words exist in superposition: a quantum mechanics principle where multiple states exist simultaneously. Instead of quantum particles, Dark Matter images a person in superposition: one life for each choice. It's early on in the season, but it's been good so far.

Do you remember your life before you started running?

I wrote once about your Running Origin story. We all have one, just like Marvel Superheroes. An origin story is how you became a runner. Mine involved burnout from working on Wall Street fueled by unhealthy habits. Then, I found running again. There's more to it, but that's the jist. What I haven't done is spent much time thinking about the "me" that would exist if I had never started running. I don't think I would like that person. Who knows if I would even have the family I love today? And, Peregrune, and the community we have built together, would certainly not exist. I'm terrified to think who that person would be, but maybe it's worth reflecting for a moment. In doing so, you will undoubtedly have more gratitude for the runner you are.  

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