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Interview with Michael Culley
30 Marathons w/ 2:55 PR
+1,000 Day 5K Run Streak
Co-Founder, Inherent Endurance

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Interview with Michael Culley <br>30 Marathons w/ 2:55 PR <br>+1,000 Day 5K Run Streak <br>Co-Founder, Inherent Endurance</b>

Peregrune runners, meet Michael Culley!

Michael has run 30 marathons with a 2:55 PB, recently achieved as a 46-year-old. He is over 1,000 days in a 5K per day running streak. Michael has completed the iconic races of NYC, Chicago, and Boston marathons, along with more unique ones, including the Pike's Peak Marathon and the Great Wall of China Marathon. He is a small business owner of a Tattoo Shop and Co-Founder of Inherent Endurance, a line of performance running shorts designed based on Michael's experience and success.

Enjoy! We explore a lot in this wide-ranging conversation.

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