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Josh Bridges on Starting: Pushing Past Mental Barriers in Crossfit and Running

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Josh Bridges on Starting: Pushing Past Mental Barriers in Crossfit and Running</b>
I've been avidly following the YouTube Crossfit athlete, Josh Bridges. For those unfamiliar, Josh is a former Navy SEAL and a seasoned Crossfit Games competitor. 

In one of his recent YouTube videos, Josh discussed his approach to a particularly grueling workout. To many, including me, every workout Josh undertakes seems to redefine intensity. Yet, amidst the daunting sets and reps, his message was clear and simple: just get started. "The worst part," he said, "is sitting and staying in your head. Once you start the workout, it's never as bad as you think."

This philosophy isn't exclusive to Crossfit; it deeply resonates with the world of running. I can't count the number of times I've felt a sense of dread before launching into a hard tempo or a marathon pace workout. These sessions involve sustained discomfort, pushing one's limits to match a specific pace, all in pursuit of a long-term goal. The anticipation can be mentally taxing.

Yet, much like Josh's advice, the key is to begin. Once the first step is taken, the rhythm established, the mind shifts. It moves from apprehension to action, from doubt to determination. The workout, or run, might remain challenging, but it no longer feels insurmountable.

In both Crossfit and running, the mental battle often precedes the physical one. But as Josh Bridges aptly reminds us, pushing past that initial barrier is half the challenge. Once you commit, once you start, it's a straightforward journey of one foot (or rep) in front of the other.

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