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Just Do It. How'd it start?

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Just Do It. How'd it start?</b>

There’s a story about Phil Knight, the co-founder of NIKE, at a convention where he describes the core customer of NIKE.

Phil asks the audience to stand up if they have ever run for exercise. Most of the audience stands. He then asks people to continue standing if they have run in the past week. Many sit down. Phil then asks them to continue standing if they have run twice in the past week. Many more sit down. He then asks those to remain standing that run three times a week, rain, or shine, regardless of the weather or temperature. Now, only a handful of people stay on their feet.

Phil looks into the audience and remarks that the next time they are running when it is dark, cold, and wet, NIKE are the ones that are there standing under the street lamp, cheering them on.

That is a brand promise. A lot has changed at NIKE since then, and whether you like them or not, that story is a powerful commitment to runners and the Just Do It ethos.

PEREGRUNE has a similar mission. From our inception, we have celebrated the citizen runner – the runner that is balancing work, life, and family while also chasing personal running goals. We are in the middle of the pack, back of the pack, and push to the front when everything goes well. Sometimes we win the race, but all of us win our race. We run past street lamps when it is cold, rainy, or hot and humid – and PEREGRUNE is there cheering you on.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals!

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