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Pace Yourself

Posted by George Parker on

To be a distance runner, you learn to pace yourself. You cannot go full steam at the start of a race without paying the consequences of running out of energy too soon.

Yet, we forget this advice in our lives. We rush through the day’s chores, work responsibilities, and kid activities. We can’t wait to finish that book on our nightstand. We have to get that promotion at work – faster. We must achieve financial milestones – sooner. We have to set the next race PR – immediately.

Why are we surprised when we burn out or feel overwhelmed and stressed? We are running full steam in every aspect of our lives.

In a well-run race, you conserve your energy in the beginning. You settle into a pace, finding a rhythm and noticing those around you. If the pack surges, you expend some energy to stay with the others before returning to a steady pace. Then, when the time is right, you accelerate, timing your effort to expend all your energy before the end.

Pacing is the alternative to the busyness of the world. Slowly down will help us enjoy the moment and find satisfaction there – waiting for our moment to attack.

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