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Simple, Not Easy: The Runner's Mantra

Posted by George Parker on
<b> Simple, Not Easy: The Runner's Mantra</b>
A friend once shared a phrase with me: "Simple, not easy." He was referring to tasks in Corporate America, but the moment I heard it, my mind drew parallels to running.

Running, in its essence, is simple. Put one foot in front of the other, find a rhythm, and keep moving. There’s no need for complex machinery or intricate rules. Just lace up your shoes and go. But anyone who’s attempted a run, be it a short sprint or a marathon, knows that while the concept is simple, the execution is far from easy.

Think about those initial moments when you start your run. The body needs time to adjust, the breathing can be erratic, and there might be that voice in your head suggesting you stop. It's a simple act, but battling that initial resistance isn't easy.

Or consider the mid-race challenges in longer runs. The simplicity of the action remains, but factors like fatigue, mental blocks, and environmental conditions add layers of complexity. Pushing through, maintaining pace, and finding that 'second wind' demand more than just physical strength.

Training schedules, too, are often straightforward. Run a certain distance at a particular pace on designated days. Simple on paper, yet when it's raining outside, or you've had a long day, finding the motivation to stick to the plan isn’t always easy.

Yet, it's this very challenge, the dichotomy between simplicity and ease, that makes running so rewarding. Every time you overcome the 'not easy' part, you're not just improving as a runner; you're growing as an individual.

So, the next time you're out on a run, and you find yourself in a challenging moment, remember: "Simple, not easy." It’s a mantra that reminds us that while the path may be straightforward, the journey is filled with valuable lessons and growth. And those challenges? They’re what make the finish line feel so incredibly sweet.

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