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Posted by George Parker on

Lifespan. Healthspan. But have you heard of Timespan?

I heard about it on a Tim Ferris podcast. Lifespan is about living long. Healthspan is keeping the use of your body as long as possible. It's great to live to 100, but not if you cannot enjoy your last twenty years. Timespan is about making each day last longer. Impossible? Consider an experience where time had slowed for you: a period when you were immersed in living, which made the day seem longer.

Here are a few of my Timespan moments: A concert, vacation on the beach, hiking, dinner with friends, playing baseball with my kids, watching live sports. These are great examples, but they occur infrequently. Fortunately, I have one daily activity that creates timespan: running. I feel I get more out of an hour run than sixty minutes. Race day gives me more timespan, although this occurs infrequently. For me, a simple daily run makes time feel slower and longer. I'm not sure why. Maybe I am more aware, present, and less troubled by thoughts. I'm sure there's a more elegant explanation, but does it matter?

Time slows when I run while also giving me more health and life.

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