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Vowed Never To Do It Again

Posted by George Parker on

The first American marathon took place in October 1896. The route went from Stamford, Connecticut, to Columbus Circle in New York City, and the New Yorker J.J. McDermot won the race. On April 19, 1897, the first Boston Marathon was held with fifteen competitors. McDermot won this race as well, despite stopping five times (including to watch a Massachusetts Avenue funeral procession) and losing ten pounds over the course of the race, as told by Cameron Stracher in his book Kings of the Road.  Afterward, McDermot vowed never to do it again.

Some things never change. Yet, many of us are continually drawn back to do challenging things whether it be running a marathon, road race, running streak, or heading out the door for a daily run in the midst of a busy life. Why? Each of us has our own reasons. I enjoy the discipline running imposes on all the other areas of my life. I enjoy setting goals and becoming a better version of myself in the process of chasing after them.

So, what are you never going to do again?

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