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You get to choose. Love your choice

Posted by George Parker on

I’m part of small group of business owners. It’s an amazing group for business and personal support. We are led by a highly successful entrepreneur who often shares her mantra:

You get to choose. Love your choice.

As runners, we constantly make choices. We decide to wake up early for a run, to push through fatigue during a workout, or to stick to our training plan despite bad weather. Each choice shapes our journey and impacts our performance. Recognizing that we have the power to choose our actions instills a sense of control and responsibility. We aren’t at the mercy of circumstances; we actively shape our running journey through our decisions.

Once we make a choice, embracing it is crucial. This means committing fully to our training decisions, race strategies, and overall approach to running. If you choose to run a marathon, love that choice by immersing yourself in the training and preparation it requires. If you decide to focus on speedwork, embrace the sprints, intervals, and the hard work involved. Loving your choice isn’t always easy, especially when the going gets tough, but it’s essential for maintaining motivation and achieving your goals.

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