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Dealing with more responsibility at work

Posted by George Parker on
Dealing with more responsibility at work

Most of our runners are not pro-athletes. Well, indeed, most runners are not pro-athletes. But, that does not mean runners don’t train hard to be their best selves. 

 Since we’re not pro-athletes, most runners are managing a day job: whether it be working for someone raising a family, or running a business. And, sometimes the responsibilities of that day job can increase dramatically overnight with the addition of a new project, new boss, promotion — just to name a few. 

Often, we can fear that there will be no time for running or exercise with this new demands on our time.  

But, don’t.  

Remember why running is important in your life. Long-term there are tremendous health benefits that enable you to perform your best (perhaps even contributed to your new project assignment or promotion). Short-term running makes us feel good allowing us to manage stress and get through our day.  

Eventually, you will adapt to the new situation. People around the world go through and overcome similar experiences everyday. Use running as a tool to help you adapt and overcome. 

 See you at the Finish Line -

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