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Get Moving while working remotely – A runners’ set of tips for remote working

Posted by George Parker on
Get Moving while working remotely – A runners’ set of tips for remote working

Remote work is the new normal for many runners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work has many benefits (notably lowering the transmission of the virus). It also has drawbacks – one of which is sitting down for large parts of the day. Morning commutes, walks between meetings, and lunchtime outings have been replaced by longer periods of sitting in front of computers for many runners.

Sitting down for extended periods of time can hamper your running by tightening muscles such muscles the hamstrings and hip flexors. 

So what to do to help counter the physical stresses of remote working?

Take a walk during a conference call. Multi-task in a healthy way by taking a walk in your neighborhood during a conference call. Maybe it’s a call where you are in a listening role. Seek to turn off your video camera and use audio only. Keep it simple. There no need for a 6 mile walk. Stand in your front yard, pace around your street, or walk around the block. Make sure to keep your phone on mute so your colleagues won’t get jealous from the sounds of nature you will hear!

Get up and move every 30 minutes. Stand-up. Stretch gently. Do air squats or push-ups. Throw in jumping jacks or burpees to get the blood moving. Try getting-up from you chair for 2 minutes and then returning. The break will be good for not only your body, but also your mental state.

Try a stand-up desk. If you are truly chained to your desk, consider standing and working. Create an elevated work space by placing your computer on a stack of books. Or, purchase a stand-up desk such as the ones made by Varidesk. 

Maybe you have some other ideas. Whatever they are, get and get moving. Best wishes chasing your running goals --- even the virtual ones at the moment!


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