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How PEREGRUNE is different from MOMENTOUS

Posted by George Parker on
How PEREGRUNE is different from MOMENTOUS

Peregrune and Momentous are endurance supplement brands often compared. Which one is right for you? Peregrune shares similarities with Momentous but has significant differences.

To start, Peregrune shares Momentous' mission to bring high-quality supplements to enhance human performance. We both use NSF GMP Certified manufacturing facilities and are third-party tested for quality. We both believe in ingredient transparency and quality.

However, Peregrune is only focused on runners. Runners are different. We sweat more nutrients, use more energy, and work our muscles and joints harder than others. Peregrune engineers for the needs of runners, not everyone else.

Additionally, Peregrune's goal is to simply nutrition for runners. Our signature runner multivitamin is engineered to replace six supplements by delivering a formula built for runners. Unlike most supplement brands, Peregrune is not interested in selling a "supplement stack" or filling your cabinet with +10 bottles. Your life balancing running, career and family is challenging enough without managing a complex supplement routine.

Lastly, we spend all our time at Peregrune creating content, products, and information only for runners, which allows us to understand the needs of the running community deeper than others.


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