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Leave Your GPS Watch Behind

Posted by George Parker on
Leave Your GPS Watch Behind

I'm addicted to my GPS watch, obsessing about the paces it shows on the run. Most of the time, my GPS watch is a helpful training tool. But sometimes, it holds me back. 

This week, I had a workout consisting of several long intervals at a tempo pace. I kept pushing off this workout, worried that I couldn't hit the prescribed paces on the hilly course of my neighborhood. Finally, I stripped off my GPS watch and headed out the door. It was liberating! I planned to run easy, by after warming up, I felt energized. I decided to go for the tempo workout using different cues instead of GPS watch paces. My tempo pace is the point where I can maintain 2-2 rhythm breathing. I had my phone and headphones, so I used music songs as an interval. A fifteen-minute effort I assumed to be about five songs. 

I nailed the workout using my breathing and music cues. Sure, I have no "exact" record of the pace, distance, and time. But I know that I ran at a tempo effort for around the right amount of time. At a minimum, I got in a hard effort despite days of delay. Who knows, maybe I did the workout harder than prescribed and picked up some extra fitness. In the end, the run was energizing, and I earned my rest that night. 

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