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Livestreams are broadening the appeal of running

Posted by George Parker on
Livestreams are broadening the appeal of running
Are you watching the Western States 100?

There was a time where there wasn't media coverage except for the top-running events like the Boston and New York City Marathons. These were entertaining to watch and, as a running fan, I have always wanted more. There are competitive marathons and trail races that would be equally captivating to follow live. However, TV networks don't cover these events because the audience is not large enough to justify the air time. Now, with YouTube and Facebook, these events can be live-streamed, opening up live coverage to far more people.

This weekend's Western States 100 is a great example. As many of you know, Western States is the world's oldest 100-mile trail race. The race is grueling. It's hot. It's beyond hilly. And there have been legendary battles through the years. But we never see it happen live.

You can watch this year's event unfold on YouTube Livestream. I'm watching now as the race leader Jim Walmsley heads towards the iconic Foresthill aid station, 6-minutes ahead of his course record pace. The women's leade Beth Pascall has exited Devi's Thumb on her way to El Dorado Creek in a potential upset of the defending champion Clare Gallagher. Livestream democratizes these events and makes them exciting. You see the athletes in the heat of battle, not only at the start and finish lines. The commentary is not from seasoned TV broadcasters. But they are passionate running fans that bring authentic enthusiasm and insider knowledge.

Project Carbon X in 2019 was my first fully watched Livestream. HOKA athletes attempted to break the 100K world record on a scenic multi-use trail. All +6 hours were live-streamed. A lot of people may think it's boring to watch people run this long. I think they're crazy! These events are rare and incredible human feats. It's no different than watching multi-hour cycling races (Tour de France) or sports car racing (Le Mans). However, the interested audience in trail running remains too small for traditional TV networks. With the aid of technology, there is now an excellent solution for running fans.

It takes a particular type of person to be attracted to running, distance running, or trail running. It's not for the mainstream population that is served by traditional TV networks. This is also the story of PEREGRUNE. Big supplement brands design for mainstream adults. Runners are different. We have unique needs, work our muscles hard, and expend more energy. I founded PEREGRUNE to serve us. We aren't big enough to be served by the big brands. But we are BIG ENOUGH. And PEREGRUNE is dedicated to helping us all.

Best wishes chasing your running goals,


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