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Nike React Infinity vs. Brooks Ghost/Adrenaline

Posted by George Parker on
Nike React Infinity vs. Brooks Ghost/Adrenaline

I've been a lifeline Brooks running shoe user. But I recently switched to the Nike React Infinity as my main training shoe. Here's why I'm liking the change:


New shoe update, I have been a lifelong Brooks user running in either the adrenaline or the ghost for, I don't know, maybe 10 years by side to switch them up on a recommendation from my coach and be shoes are actually if you can see through them their Nikes they are the Nike infinity zooms or Nike and finlays I think no sorry, Nike react infinity. And I've been running in them now for the last month instead of Brooks and I gotta say I like them a lot. Two things that I noticed one, they have a much tighter fit around the shoe itself, it's more of a form fitting kind of feels like a sock. And it just feels really great compared to the way my Brooks used to feel. And a second thing is they feel very cushioned. There's such a responsive cushioning in the foam. And what I had heard, what I've been reading is that over the last few years, Brooks has started falling behind a little bit in the running shoe technology and Nike obviously with the carbon plates, but even just your phone technology in general, just your basic trainer has been leading the market and your other brands have been catching up faster than Brooks has. Brooks is still in their traditional foam structure and has made a lot of improvements. And it's being supplanted by a lot of new technology in the market. So if you are a Brooks runner, it might be worth checking out. If there is a better shoe I mean, after 10 years it never hurts to go back and check the market again. But yeah, these are the Nike react infinities and they're my everyday trainer at the moment. And I like them a lot they feel great

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