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Osteo B-Flex vs. Peregrune
Runner Joint Support

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Osteo B-Flex vs. Peregrune <br>Runner Joint Support</b>

What’s the difference between Peregrune® Runner Joint Support™ and Osteo-Bi-Flex, one of the leading joint supplements sold?

Peregrune® engineers vitamins and supplements specifically for runners. In contrast, big supplement companies design joint supports for less active adults and those living with arthritis.
Runners are different. We are more active than everyday adults. We work our joints harder.
Peregrune®'s unique difference is the TRI-JOINT Complex with 3X MSM that mitigates joint stiffness and improves mobility  --- a frequent runner ailment. 

Peregrune® Joint Support Product Benefits

  • TRI-JOINT COMPLEX FOR TOTAL KNEE JOINT HEALTH: Engineered for runners with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM for total joint, knee, and cartilage health. 
  • 3X MSM TO RELIEVE STIFFNESS: Unlike most mainstream brands, our product contains 3X MSM (methylsulfonylsulfate) to lubricate runner's joints and mitigate joint stiffness --- a frequent ailment. 
  • INCREASED MOBILITY:  Taking care of your joints relieves and prevents pain and enables increased running longevity, which promotes all the benefits of an active lifestyle. 
  • FORMULATED FOR RUNNERS BASED ON CLINICAL TRIALS: Most mainstream joint supports are designed to assist less active, elderly adults or people living with arthritis. In contrast, PEREGRUNE's Joint Support is designed for active runners with ingredient concentrations inspired by athlete clinical trials. 
  • NON-GMO, MADE IN USA, & GMP CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING: Runners can be confident in our product quality, safety, and transparency. Our manufacturing follows the highest industry standards. All vitamins are Quality Audited to verify ingredient quality and transparency. 

Compare vs. Other Joint Supports: 3X MSM for Runners

What's Inside? Engineering for Runners. 

Our founder, George, explains how PERERUNE Runner Joint Support is engineered for runners. 


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