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Plant-Based Protein for Runners

Posted by George Parker on
Plant-Based Protein for Runners

There's a magic 30-minute window after a run where your body is highly receptive to absorbing nutrients in the food you eat. This is the time to eat your protein to give your body the amino acids it needs to rebuild muscle. If you choose a Plant-Based Protein Powder, make sure you choose the right one --- one that is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. 



All right, five minute warm up. Welcome. Let's get started. What's going on guys hope all is well today I wanted to talk about protein.

You have this magic 30 to 60 minute window after a workout, really imagined 30 minute window after a workout where you can eat. And your body is hypersensitive to nutrients during this time period. And so if you eat the right stuff, it will take those nutrients and help rebuild your body. And after a hard workout, one of the most important things to put back into your body is water for hydration, electrolytes to get those salt concentrations back after you're sweating, and then also protein. And the reason why you want to bring in protein is that you want to give your body the amino acids that it needs to rebuild the muscles that tear and break as part of working out. And that's natural, that's what's supposed to happen. You get stronger by these muscles, tearing and breaking, and then repairing themselves and rebuilding and using these amino acids to be the scaffolding to help rebuild your muscles bigger and stronger. That's that's what working out is that's what bodybuilders do. That's what runners do, we just kind of focus on different type of muscles.

And so in this 30 minute window, you want to make sure you're bringing in protein to help your body repair. And a great way to do this. And you know, a convenient way to do this because it's not always convenient to make a to cook after you eat right, maybe you're running at work, and you're lunchtime and your lunch break or you're sneaking in something early in the morning, it's hard sometimes to have a nice meal afterwards, in so a very common ways to take a protein drink. And I think this is a great way and I do it myself. And what I want you to think about when you take a protein powder is you want to focus on taking your protein powder that is a complete protein, meaning it has all nine essential amino acids, there are quite a few amino acids, but nine of them are considered essential because your body cannot make them it cannot synthesize them from other substrates that your body brings in it needs to consume those from things that you eat. If you take something like whey protein, the most common type of protein there is the it's a complete protein. It is one of the easiest ways to get all your amino acids. That's why people do it.

But a lot of the runners that I work with are following a vegan or plant based diet or vegetarian diet and maybe or have a garrison several wherever it is that they don't want to take whey protein. And so they look for a plant based protein. This is another great another great alternative. But what I want you guys to pay attention to is to make sure it is a complete protein. It has all nine essential amino acids. The popular ones now such as pea protein are not. They're not they have several but not all amino acids. P just don't have it all. There are other protein sources piece the most common one. But if it doesn't say it's a complete mean a complete protein has all nine centromere you don't want to take it. The only way that you're going to get a complete protein from a plant based protein powder is that it has to be a blend, it's going to have to be a blend of P with a couple other things. P and hemp is a common one, P and NP Saatchi powders. There's a couple of different ways to blend them. But you're going to have to blend a couple of different plants together to get the complete protein and that's perfectly fine, perfectly fine, it's probably going to cost you a little bit more because it's not as easy. It's a little bit harder to harvest these things and to make the powder but at the end of the day, if you're going to take a plant protein powder because of your dietary preferences, you're you know just your your your viewpoints on sustainable, whatever it happens to be.

Make sure you're taking a plant protein that is a complete protein has nine essential amino acids. And if it does, it's going to likely be a blip so pay attention to that and you'll have no problem getting a great plant based protein source to help you rebuild your muscles. stronger, recover faster and continue to get a little bit better every single day.

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