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Runners See Things Different

Posted by George Parker on
Runners See Things Different

Runners see things differently. I was reminded of this on a weekend getaway trip with the family. While driving into the small mountain village, I noticed things only a runner would do. 

Where would I do my morning run? Are the sidewalks available, consistent, and safe? If there are no sidewalks, how wide is the shoulder of the road? Would it be safe to run? Is there a local school that has a safe track to run on? Could I run laps around the hotel and a nearby shopping center? What about neighborhoods? Could I make loops there? 

What about the hotel? How are the treadmills in the fitness center? Are they functioning or neglected? 

How dark will it be in the area? Will there be a full moon to help with seeing? 

What is around me? Could I run to any local attractions, monuments, or landmarks? Could I be a tourist and see the town before everyone awakens and crowds form? (I once ran in London, visiting the main tourist attractions before the crowds began their day.) 

Do you see things differently now as a runner?

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