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Traveling? Stop Stinking Clothes with a Merino Wool Running Shirt

Posted by George Parker on
Merino Wool Running Shirt from PEREGRUNE

Running away from home while traveling is difficult with the new surroundings and disruption to your routine. Here are two tips I use to help ease the transition: 

  • Pack a Merino Wool Running Shirt so you don't stink: I use my  PEREGRUNE Merino Wool Running Shirt and SmartWool Running Beanie. Synthetic running shirts stick and smell because they wick moisture from the skin to the fabric's surface, where bacteria grow to create the familiar "workout funk." In contrast, a merino wool running shirt traps moisture and releases it as water vapor before it turns to sweat, stopping odor-causing bacteria in their tracks. No more post-run stink or need to wash after every run. When you have to go days between washes, merino is the fabric for you. Merino Wool is an All-Season fabric (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) that is naturally thermoregulating. Nature designed merino wool to keep sheep warm in temperatures as low as -4F and cool in temperatures up to 95F. 
  • Maintain intensity even if your running volume decreases: Keep your exact number of workout days and intensity (pace) while reducing the miles. For instance, if your schedule calls for 8 x 400m reps, try to do at least 2-4 reps. Instead of a 30-minute tempo run, do 10-15 minutes at the same pace. The intensity will keep your legs fresh during this "mini-taper" week, allowing you to come back sharp and rested when you're back home. 
  • STRAVA Route Finder: STRAVA makes it easy to find safe places to run while away from home. The Explorer tool shows frequent segments in your area. Locals have tested these segments for safety and comfort, so trust the crowds' wisdom to find the best place to start. 

Best wishes chasing your running goals...even away from home. 

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