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What If Today Was Your Last Run?

Posted by George Parker on

It likely will not be, but someday it will. Eventually, you will have a last run. How will you look back on your time running?

I hope to be thankful for my time as a runner when my last one comes. It’s a hobby and sport that connected the years of my life through education, career changes, relationships, happiness, and tragedy. It has been a steadfast rudder in the changing seas of life. Running has helped me grow into a healthier, stronger version of myself. Discipline substitutes for motivation. Persistence for helplessness. Patience for immediate gratification.

Running has been a stalwart friend. When I tell him goodbye, I hope to celebrate his life, not mourn. I hope to be grateful for our shared time together as I lay him down to rest. I hope to look upon the shoes and medals as capsules of happiness rather than artifacts of grief. I hope to smile at memories of running through sunshine, wind, rain, and suffering.

I hope never to forget my friend, the runner.

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