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What's your Running Origin Story?

Posted by George Parker on
What's your Running Origin Story?

What's your running origin story? That moment when you went from being a non-runner to a runner?  


 So what is your running origin story? And what I mean by that to give you an example is I have all made it. I've been watching the Marvel comic book series on Disney plus where you have, you know, the Avengers, the end game age or old Tron, etc. But what's also really cool about the series is that you have the Avengers being the main kind of sequence. But you also have breakoff movies that describe each of the different characters, the Black Widow, Thor, ant, Man, Captain America. And in the process of watching those you learn about the backstory of these characters. How did Captain America come to be? How to Black Widow come to be? How did the whole come to be? And it's great to watch because you learn all the different things that happened that ultimately Coleman in them and being this version of themselves is better version, the self is the Avenger. And so I got to thinking, what what happened to make to make someone a runner? And I think it's a great question. And I think it's it's fun to think about for yourself. Some people discovered it really early, right? Maybe some people are just athletic, and they started running in high school, and they get addicted, and they went to college and they ran in. That's great. That is in my story. And it may not be your story as well. In fact, I think some of the more interesting stories are the people who discovered running later in life. For me,

I had kind of three origin stories that eventually made it stick, the first one being that I always exposed to running first for, I guess, maybe a year or two seasons in high school in cross country. And it was interesting, I enjoyed it, I wasn't any good at it. And it didn't stick. When I went to college, I didn't run at all for the four years I was at college. So it was a fun thing to do. But it didn't really associate to me as an activity that I want to continue. The second kind of origin story for me was I was out of college, I was working for a corporate, you know, a large one of the big three consulting firms. And it was working a bunch working 90 hours a week, my Wait had ballooned to be about 30 pounds heavier than I was when I was in college. And this wasn't great. And I remember one day, putting on a pair of running shoes and going out at night and running. And the next thing I knew I knew I had run something like eight miles. And it was hard. It was slow is exhausting. But when I got done, I was like hmm, that was a great feeling. And then I continued for a few more days, but it didn't stick. And then I stopped running again. And then I came back to running about four years after that, at this point, I was living in Manhattan, I was working on effectively Wall Street. And I was still on the same road. You know, I was 30 pounds heavier than I was I was working. You know, 90 plus hours a week was unhealthy. You know, I was eating pizza every night and it wasn't a great situation. And then once again, I found a pair of running shoes I put them on. And I remember just going out my door, I lived in the Lower East Side of the time. And just at night, running up Second Avenue. And all the people were out there eating restaurants, I was running on the streets. And then I would run along the East River. And then I would run you know, across the island to get to the west side to come back down through Battery Park. And then I would take some time and to run through Central Park and this time it's stuck. And before I knew it, I'd signed up for a half marathon on Staten Island. And that was now maybe 11 years ago, 11 or 12 years ago. And that was it. That particular moment stuck. But for me, I think of that as my true origin story. It was a moment where I was looking at my life and I didn't like what I saw. And I picked up a pair of shoes. I knew how to do the activity because I had been exposed to it introduced to it at other points in my life. And I put them on and it made me feel great. Made me feel great. It gave me something to look forward to. It allowed me to start setting goals. And it was an activity that I've continued every everyday sense. So I'm curious, share it if you want or you know just think about it for yourself. What was that moment What is your what was that moment where you became a runner? You know, what is your running origin story if they can make a a, a Marvel movie about you because running it is a superpower and you are a superhero if you're a runner How did that happen what was your story how did it come together I'd be curious to know

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