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When a Chemical Engineer Starts Running

The aha-aha moment came three years ago after a decade of running. I was training for a Boston Marathon Qualifying run and had constant ailments throughout my body.

·         Sore Muscles
·         Inflamed Joints
·         Recurring-Monthly 24hr Stomach Bugs
·         Fluctuating Daily Energy
·         Mood Swings

I stretched, slept, and ate okay but I was still missing something and I knew it wasn't running more miles. As a trained chemical engineer, I knew the fundamentals of chemistry and chemical processes but I had a lot to learn about micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, oils, and trace supplements and how they function in our body.

Vitamins are literally named after “vital-amines”, a crucial compound containing nitrogen.

My first realization was that the vitamin aisle is overwhelming.  I tried many standard multivitamins and experienced marginal results. So, I decided to selectively target based on what I needed. First, I experimented with probiotics, fish oil, and Vitamin C. Next, I added Vitamin Bs after learning their importance to cellular respiration (the series of chemical reaction used to produce ATP  - the energy currency of runners). Within months, I noticed improved gut health, reduced ankle inflammation, and I was not getting as sick. My daily energy stabilized and mood swings lessened.  Now, I had a great regimen, but I was taking 10 pills a day. I had my "pharmacy" in the cabinet and bulging my running bag. 

That is the story of how I set off to design and engineer the ideal multivitamin -- specifically for runners. Once I identified the target chemical composition, I found a USA-based manufacturing partner to bring the vision to life.

For me, I am more in tune with my body and have qualified and ran the Boston Marathon. More importantly, I am focused on getting just a little better every day.

See you at the Finish Line.

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