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Chondroitin: What Runners should know about Chondroitin for Runner Knee and Joint Support

Chondroitin helps create cartilage and lubricant that enables healthier runner knees and joints.  

Chondroitin runner knee and joint support


Chondroitin is a chemical found in cartilage around the joints in the body. The body manufactures chondroitin from nutrient building blocks as opposed to directly consuming chondroitin from the diet. As a supplement, chondroitin is manufactured either chemically or harvested from animal sources such as shark or cow cartilage. 


Chondroitin helps support healthy knees and joints by creating cartilage and attracting water to the cartilage matrix to lubricant joints. 


First, chondroitin is an essential building block of cartilage that acts as the cushioning material between knees and joints in the body. 

Second, chondroitin acts as a lubricant to help joints freely move past one another. The molecule of chondroitin is essentially a long chain of carbon rings with polar ends (derived from hydroxl, carboxyl, and sulfate ends). These ends are capable of attracting water to the cartilage matrix --- effectively creating a natural lubricant between cartilage and joints. 

Chondroitin runner knee and joint support


As you age, your body naturally produces less chondroitin. This is especially relevant for runners who rely on healthy joints and cartilage for their activity. Supplementing with chondroitin offers another pathway for the body to produce the necessary cartilage to help keep runner knees and joints healthy and strong. 

 The more you know, the faster you run. Best wishes chasing your running goals!

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