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Our Mission 

PEREGRUNE's mission is to educate, motivate, and improve the performance of Runners.

Now's the time to run your best, set a PR, or get back in shape no matter where you are in life or how busy you are. PEREGRUNE engineers vitamins and supplements to help runners' performance, health, and recovery.

We are a team of passionate runners who live and train to be "Better Every Day."

Better Every Day

"Better Every Day" is what we stand for at PEREGRUNE. 

We help our runners get a little better, every day --- stronger, faster, and smarter. Goals, like life, can be overwhelming and complicated. Anything is possible if you focus one day at a time. Focus on getting better today and the results will compound over time. 

Our products are engineered to simplify your busy life, family, and career to help you focus on getting better at running every day. 



George Parker 

(Founder, Chemical Engineer, Runner)

George founded PEREGRUNE in 2016 in Atlanta, GA. 

After decades of running, George started paying closer attention to his nutrition and supplementation. Using big supplement brands available at the store, he pieced together a program that consisted of 10-15 bottles. It was expensive, complicated, took up a ton of space, and still was not perfect for the needs of runners. 

George used his Chemical Engineering and Marathon background to engineer a Multivitamin for runners, not everyone else. The result was 1 multivitamin that replaced 6-8 individual bottles and was tailored to the unique energy, healthy, and recovery needs of runners. 

George lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two boys. He's a 4x Boston Marathon Qualifier that loves running and focusing on getting a little better every day. See you at the Finish Line!


2022 Ambassadors

Bill Robb (2:55 Marathon, 3x Boston, Ohio's Pacer)

Bill Robb started running in 1979 and has run almost 800 races. He has run 44 marathons and has a marathon PR of 2:55:07. His favorite race is the Boston Marathon, which he has qualified for numerous times. He ran the Boston Marathon three times with the last on being the 100th running where he ran a 3:10:56. His best Boston Marathon time was in 1987 where he ran a 3:00:33. He is most proud of being able to make history running the 100th Boston. Bill enjoys running and racing as many races as he can each year. Running to Bill is life and he enjoys the friendships that running has given him over the years. Bill also enjoys running half marathons and marathons as a pacer.

Becca Lindgren (Ultrarunner, 24hr Racer, Dog Lover)

I’m Becca Lindgren and I’m honored to be a Peregrune athlete. 
I like adventuring and exploring the outdoors with my dog Pepper.  
I like the 23rd hour of a 24 hour track run.
I like goofy and running like a girl. 
I like SMILING. 
I like running the Long Haul 100 in 90 degree weather in 19 hours and 5 minutes and am proud to hold the overall record for the Red Barn challenge 12 hour. 
I one day would like to qualify for the USA 24 hour running team by running a minimum of 130 miles in 24 hours. 
Running brings me so much joy and  happiness and I want share that with you and everyone else! 



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