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PEREGRUNE Runner Multivitamin & Omega-3 Bundle



Our signature Runner Multivitamin

Our multivitamin starts with a slight probiotic and plant-based digestive enzymes to help strengthen your gut --- a common ailment among runners. Without a strong gut, runner’s cannot absorb nutrients optimally.

Next, we include a complete array of Vitamin B1 through B12, unlike more mainstream vitamins which exclude several vitamins in the B complex. The vitamin B array is responsible for the cellular energy production system --- otherwise known as ATP. As you can imagine, energy creation is something that is particularly important for runners. Most mainstream vitamins exclude components of the Vitamin B array because high-level and efficient energy production isn’t as important for everyday, sedentary adults.

Then, we layer in 5x Antioxidants C and E to neutralize free radicals that are naturally created during exercise that weaken immunity, contribute to inflammation, and damage cells and muscles.

Finally, we surround the remaining key vitamins and minerals in 42 Fruits and Vegetables. This not only adds nutrient diversity to the diet, but also helps increase the multivitamin absorption as it being digested along with whole food nutrients.

We surveyed the country to find manufacturing partners with the highest industry certifications available. This was important to ensure our runners product safety, quality, and consistency.

The result is one multivitamin engineered for runners that can replace six mainstream vitamins. A multivitamin that helps you run better by focusing on your energy, health, and recovery.

      Runner Omega-3 (Concentrated)

      After adding a multivitamin to your daily regimen, your next step should be an Omega-3 Fish Oil.

      The benefits of fish oil on cardiovascular help and joint inflammation are well documented across the scientific literature --- and both of these benefits are even more important for runners.

      The benefit of a Fish Oil supplement is the convenience. A daily dose of Fish Oil supplement is equivalent to three full servings of fish per week. And, most people are not eating three servings of fish per week.

      Peregrune Omega-3 Fish Oil is engineered specifically for runners with concentrated amounts of the key components EPA and DHA in fish oil.

      In contrast, take a look at most mainstream Fish Oil in the market. If you do the math between the amount of DHA & EPA compared to the total amount of Fish Oil in the tablet, you’ll see that the leading brands in the market have about 25% of EPA/DHA and 75% of “filler” Fish Oil. In contrast, Peregrune Omega-3 Fish Oil has 75% of EPA/DHA and only 25% of other Fish Oil.

      Peregrune is a concentrated dose specifically geared towards the increased cardiovascular and joint demands of runners.