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Runner Multivitamin & Omega-3 Bundle

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Product Benefits

  • VITAMIN B COMPLEX for ENERGY & ENDURANCE: The Vitamin B-complex is essential to the body’s energy production. Our multivitamin contains a performance level of Vitamins B1/B2 and B6/12, critical in ATP and red blood cell creation. Unlike most multivitamins, PERGRUNE contains Vitamin B4 (Choline), B8 (Inositol), and B10 (PABA) – making for a complete Vitamin B1 through B12 for energy.

  • 3X ANTIOXIDANTS FOR IMMUNITY, HEALTH & RECOVERY: Running creates free radicals, which attack healthy tissue and cells, causing inflammation and damage. Our multivitamin contains performance level amounts of Vitamin C and E, which are potent antioxidants. Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it neutralizes within cells. Vitamin E is fat-soluble, so it neutralizes free radicals in the fat stores. Unlike most multivitamins, PERGRUNE fights free radicals throughout the body.

  • VITAMIN A & VITAMIN D TO SUPPORT SAFE TRAINING: Many runners train in the early morning, late night, or inside. Vitamin A improves eyesight to train in low light safely. Vitamin D is naturally made by the skin when exposed to sunlight. As a result, Vitamin D is a frequent runner deficiency, especially those that train when sunlight is not visible (early morning, late night, treadmills).

  • 5X MORE OMEGA-3 FROM WILD CAUGHT FISH: Engineered to contain 75% EPA/DHA in the 1,000mg entric coated gel cap. In comparison, most mainstream fish oil contain inactive "filler" fish oil and less concentrated EPA/DHA. Compare labels and see our 5X concentrated difference. 
  • NON-GMO, MADE IN USA, & GMP CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING: Runners can be confident in our product quality, safety, and transparency. Our manufacturing follows the highest industry standards. All vitamins are checked against the Certificate of Analysis to verify ingredient quality and transparency. 


VEGAN, Non-GMO, Whole Food Vitamin

Made with 42 Fruits & Vegetables that add diversity to your diet. Vegan, GMO-Free


How Made for Runners?

1 Bottle Replaces 6

PEREGRUNE engineers our products for runners' needs. The result is one tablet with the essential vitamin, minerals, and probiotics --- saving you money, time, and space.

What's Inside? Engineered for Runners. 

PEREGRUNE's engineers its signature multivitamin for the needs of runners. This video explains the rationale and science behind each ingredient.

How Compare to other Multivitamins?

10X Vitamin B, 3X Antioxidants, Probiotics, Whole Foods 

What's Better about PEREGRUNE OMEGA-3?

PEREGRUNE engineers vitamins and supplements specifically for runners. 

PEREGRUNE Omega-3 is 5X More Concentrated than big supplement brands. Most "big bottle" brands are diluted with "filler" fish oil. In contrast, PEREGRUNE contains 5X more beneficial EPA/DHA per serving because we use little "filler" fish oil.

Compare the labels and see the PEREGRUNE the difference. 

Comparison vs. Mainstream Fish Oil

5X EPA/DHA vs. leading brands. PEREGRUNE is a concentrated fish oil with more beneficial omega-3s and less "filler" fish oil. 

What's Inside? Engineering for Runners.  

Our founder, George, explains how PERERUNE Runner Omega-3 is engineered for runners.