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Runner Omega-3 Fish Oil


 Product Benefits

  • 5X MORE OMEGA-3: Engineered with 75% EPA/DHA in the 1,000mg soft gel. Most mainstream fish oils contain diluted "filler" fish oil and less of the desired EPA/DHA
  • SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH and JOINTS: Cardiovascular health and joint support are important benefits for runners and athletes that run.
  • FRESH, WILD CAUGHT FISH, NON_GMO: We only use high-quality, wild-caught fish, unlike most mainstream vitamins that use cheaper alternatives such as farm-raised or genetically modified fish.
  • BURPLESS FISH OIL SUPPLEMENT / NO FISH AFTERTASTE - Enteric-coated soft gels to prevent fishy after taste - a top barrier to consistent fish oil use. 
  • MADE IN USA, & GMP CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING: Runners can be confident in our product quality, safety, and transparency. Our manufacturing follows the highest industry standards. All vitamins are Quality Audited to verify ingredient quality and transparency. 


What's Better about PEREGRUNE OMEGA-3?

PEREGRUNE engineers vitamins and supplements specifically for runners. 

PEREGRUNE Omega-3 is 5X More Concentrated than big supplement brands. Most "big bottle" brands are diluted with "filler" fish oil. In contrast, PEREGRUNE contains 5X more beneficial EPA/DHA per serving because we use little "filler" fish oil.

Compare the labels and see the PEREGRUNE the difference. 

Comparison vs. Mainstream Fish Oil

5X EPA/DHA vs. leading brands. PEREGRUNE is a concentrated fish oil with more beneficial omega-3s and less "filler" fish oil. 

What's Inside? Engineering for Runners.  

Our founder, George, explains how PERERUNE Runner Omega-3 is engineered for runners.