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14-Mile Treadmill Long Run: No More Treadmill Guilt!

Posted by George Parker on
14-Mile Treadmill Long Run: No More Treadmill Guilt!

You can do quality workouts, including long-runs, on the treadmill and achieve fitness. No more treadmill guilt! If the treadmill is your best solution for the workout, then go for it! Here's my 14-mile long-run, including setup, warmup, and running tips. 


Today's run is a 14 mile long run, and I'm going to do it on the treadmill. There's a lot of reasons why but you don't really need a recent The point is that I want to get rid of this notion of a treadmill guilt that you don't get good workouts when you run on the treadmill. Not true, you can do big workouts like this on the treadmill and still get the benefits in your fitness and in your running that that you would get running outside No matter your level. So that's the workout, the way it's going to work, it's going to continue somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours. And after the first hour, I'm going to do three miles, three by one miles at my goal half marathon pace with one mile back to more of a a long run speed. So that's the plan today, it's going to be a 14 mile long run with three miles have some more quality effort, and I'm gonna do on the treadmill. Now, the secret to running on a treadmill is a little bit of preparation. So to start with, get my treadmill set up here. Get the fan got a water bottle, another water bottle over here. I also have the computer I'm setting up for swift and so I have something to go do and I'll put the earphones in and the way that I tend to work out is I like to watch something on TV and so here I'm going to have swift going and I'm probably going to have a podcast and then maybe after 30 minutes we'll switch and watch Netflix episodes something like that. But the point is is that you know I'm gonna keep myself entertained for this first hour I'm trying to just kind of get the run in and then when I get to the workout I'll switch back to Zwift and try just put on some music to make sure I'm dialing into those paces.

So let's get started. there's always toys toys are everywhere. Now my toys not my toys. So I like to start with a little bit of warm up exercises because if you're not going to be running outside or walk in you can tend to get really into it quickly on the treadmill I'll tell you a little bit of warm up mainly some work to activate the glutes plan.

All right 30 minutes in nothing too fancy just stay loose and warm gradually increasing the speed for more of a harder we work out alright.

14 Miles done. Little less than an hour and 15 minutes. Okay, that's it. 14 Miles done. zwip says little less than an hour and 15 minutes, which is good. And it was hard. I don't know what people say about treadmills not being real workouts don't have that treadmill gig, you can still get a real good workout. You know, the things that you have to pay attention to obviously, bring your fluids because in my experience, what makes it even harder is it just gets hot. When you run on the treadmill. You don't have that forward motion with the wind producing that evaporates the sweat off you and cools you down. So instead it's just hot so you can set up fans and things like that to help cool you down. But I think that makes the workouts a lot more challenging. Focus on your form, focus on on running, pushing forward every step. You know I'm not great at it I do better as a cane every day but that's 14 miles in the bank with some pace work that is a heck of a lot better than not getting it done so no more treadmill guilt

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