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Congratulations to Peregrune Boston Marathon Runners!

Posted by George Parker on
Peregrune Boston Marathon Runner Vitamin and Runner Supplement

Congratulations to all the Peregrune runners who completed the 126th Boston Marathon!

Boston is a special marathon to me. Maybe the history enthusiast in me is enamored with the world's oldest annual marathon set in an equally historic city of Boston. There is the idea of emerging from the winter drudgery of training for a beautiful spring marathon. There is undoubtedly the time qualification element. It took me around four hours to run my first marathon, and I thought, "Could I ever best fast enough to qualify for Boston"? That simple thought set in motion a decade's journey to qualify and run Boston three times, ultimately achieving a marathon PR of 2:58:03 – for now.

But it's not really about the time, though, is it? It's really about setting a goal and making a plan to make yourself a little bit better every day. It's the pursuit of the goal that is the objective.

Maybe you decide to qualify for Boston or some other race. Perhaps you don't. What matters more is the process that, once set in motion, will make you change and become someone different. Ideally, someone faster, stronger, healthier. Someone more compassionate, humble, and self-aware. A more balanced person for yourself, your family, and your community.

When I founded Peregrune, it was about simplifying things for runners. It started with trying to simplify things for myself. I was taking 10-12 different supplements to help with digestive health, energy, nutrition, immunity, etc. It worked, but it was cumbersome, expensive, and took up a lot of space! I used my chemistry background to formulate the ideal multivitamin for runners --- one multivitamin that could replace 6 to 8 bottles in my existing routine.

Initially, I made Peregrune for me. Over time, I met all of you and am forever grateful to contribute in a small way to your running journey.

Best wishes to everyone chasing your running goals! May you become a little bit better every single day.

Founder & Chief Vitamin Engineer


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