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Turmeric vs. Omega-3 Fish Oil

Posted by George Parker on
Turmeric vs. Omega-3 Fish Oil

A Peregrune runner asked me whether it was better to take Turmeric or Omega-3 Fish Oil to help with inflammation. It's a great question, and I thought I'd share my email response with you all. As always, reach out with any questions! 

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi George!

I believe I have noticed an increase in energy! I take it daily in the morning, all of them first thing. I usually have a banana or an apple before my run, it does not upset my stomach at all. Should I be taking them all at once or breaking them throughout the day? Not sure if it matters. I am currently dealing with Achilles and plantar fasciitis issues which I’ve never had before. I’ve taken days off… now I am doing daily stretches and exercises and running 3 to 4 miles a day to try and get back into the training for a memorial day marathon. Enjoy!


Hi Sean –

I hope your week and running are going well! Apologies for taking me longer than I would have wanted to reply to this note.

Chronic inflammation happens, and it happens because of genetics, age, you pick it. I suffer inflammation, especially during a hard running training block.

A lot of people reach for Vitamin I --- Ibuprofen --- to combat inflammation. Ibuprofen will help, but it is not a long-term solution. Consistent ibuprofen usage is hard on your kidneys and GI system. My physicians have coached me away from ibuprofen to more natural solutions.

Two excellent anti-inflammatory solutions are Omega-3 Fish Oil and Turmeric. Both have inherent properties that reduce inflammation. Omega-3s counter inflammation by the creation of the natural anti-inflammatory prostaglandin E3. Here’s a recent article from Tufts on the topic. The researchers noted that EPA and DHA in Fish Oil lowered the expression of inflammatory proteins in the body. Turmeric counters inflammation with the chemical compound curcumin, which gives turmeric its yellow color. Turmeric also reduces the expression of inflammatory proteins in the body, similar to Omega-3s in Fish Oil.

I think it comes down to preference between Omega-3 Fish Oil and Turmeric. I don’t love the yellow color of turmeric (or taste), and much prefer the simplicity and other benefits of Fish Oil. However, turmeric might actually be a good addition to our PEREGRUNE supplement portfolio for a 100% plant-based solution. Something to consider, so thanking for suggesting it!

In summary, I would choose between Fish Oil and Turmeric for inflammatory relief to keep things simple. Make sure to take the Multivitamin as that offers far more diversified benefits. And the Joint Support helps repair cartilage and tissue versus reducing inflammation, so there is an incremental benefit there as well. 

I hope this helps! Best wishes chasing your running goals,


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