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Athletics Greens (AG1) or a Multivitamin? Which one is better for runners?

Posted by George Parker on
Athletics Greens (AG1) or a Multivitamin? Which one is better for runners?

You have likely have heard about Athletic Greens, in particular, AG1. What's the difference between AG1 and Runner Multivitamin made by Peregrune?

First, they're both great products. They have the same benefits. They boost energy. They help recovery, digestion, and support immunity. They both have plant-based enzymes and probiotics for digestive health. They are both vegan and GMO-free. They are both NSF GMP certified for safety and quality in manufacturing.


However, there are essential differences depending upon what you do and what is the most appropriate for you.

Runners/Athletes not Mass Population
Athletic Greens is now just known as AG1. In contrast, Peregrune Runner Multivitamin remains focused on runners and athletes --- it is still in the name and not the mass population served by more prominent supplement companies. This difference comes to life in the formulation.  

Concentrated Vitamin B for Energy
Peregrune is a concentrated Vitamin B with a 10x higher concentration of several critical Vitamin B's than AG1. Vitamin B is to you if you are an athlete or runner because vitamin B's are the vitamins that power the cellular energy production process in the body --- the process by which you make ATP that powers motion used for running and other athletic movements.

Vitamin D for Strong and Healthy Bones
There is no vitamin D in AG1, which is especially important this time of year when there is less sunlight, and you may be training more indoors. 

Vitamin D is so critical that the body produces it versus relying on the diet. Vitamin D is created when the precursor molecule 7-dehydrocholesterol absorbs light energy (e.g., sunlight) in the skin. The amount of Vitamin D produced depends on the season (less sunshine in the fall and winter), time of day (less sunlight for early morning and evening runs), and even sunscreen. SPF 15 sunscreen reduces the amount of UVB that penetrates the skin by 98%, effectively blocking Vitamin D synthesis. In the U.S., only people who live south of a line drawn from Los Angeles to Columbia, S.C. get enough sunlight for adequate Vitamin D production throughout the year.

Another difference is the format. AG1 is a greens smoothie that you make and clean up afterward. In contrast, Peregrune is a convenient and straightforward multivitamin that contains vegan, GMO-Free, Whole Foods that can be taken anytime, anywhere with the beverage of your choice (water, orange juice, coffee, etc.)

A month's supply of AG1 is $99 compared to around $20 for Peregrune's Runner Multivitamin. That's a big price difference for a product that may not specialize in your needs as a runner or athlete. 


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