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What are your 2022 Running Goals?

Posted by George Parker on
What are your 2022 Running Goals?

What is your 2022 running goal? 

The ancient Greek philosopher Seneca wrote how achievement, regardless of the endeavor, is often impeded due to our aimlessness. 

"Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a person does not know what harbor to make for, no wind is the right wind."

My 2022 goal is to qualify for the New York City marathon. NPR did an interesting episode on how the NYC marathon is the most equitable to run because there are four entrance options: Lottery, charity, commitment, and time qualification. For my age group, the time qualification is a 2:57:59 marathon (or 1:24:59 half marathon), and that's 12 minutes faster than the Boston Qualification standard for my age. 

In my running and nutrition journey, which led to the creation of PEREGRUNE multivitamin, I have run the Boston Marathon three times and qualified five. I am looking for a new challenge, aiming high (and may fail!) with the NYC time qualification. 

Time qualification is not the only goal option. PEREGRUNE runner Bill Robb created his own "Holiday Half Marathon Challenge." He ran seven half marathons within two weeks, running a different course every time. 

My friend Karl has set a 2022 mileage goal equivalent to traveling across the United States from coast to coast. Another friend wants to run a new local 5K, another a trail race, and another an ultrarace in 2022.  

Whatever it is, I hope you set a running goal for 2022. Staying with the ancient world theme, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius famously wrote in his Meditations:

"Th human soul degrades itself...when it allows its action and impulse to be without purpose, to be random and disconnected: even the smallest things out to be directed toward a goal."

Best wishes chasing your 2022 running goals, 



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