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How My Dad's Runs Shaped My Running Journey

Posted by George Parker on
<b>How My Dad's Runs Shaped My Running Journey</b>

My dad owned a neon green reflective vest that hung on a nail on a wall next to the backdoor of the house. It was heavy and bulky, unlike the ergonomic modern designs. As a kid, I remember watching my dad grab this vest off the nail and velcro it on before heading out for an evening run.

My dad was no runner. If I remember correctly, he only ran a few weeks of the year to get in shape for the Air Force physical fitness testing requirements. Nonetheless, I have distinct memories of him strapping on the vest and running the neighborhood roads as a kid. I remember being fascinated by the idea of running. Where did he go? How far did he run? How could someone do that? Everyone thinks their dad is a superhero growing up, and watching your dad disappear and reappear after running magnifies the narrative.

My dad passed away earlier this month.

He had been sick for a while, but his passing was still a shock. Looking back on my dad's life makes me happy because he had a wonderful life with many friends and impacted those around him.

My dad was no runner, but I am. The mysticism of seeing him run as a kid certainly played a role. You never know who is watching you and what impact you might have. Perhaps we are all inspiring the next generation of runners each day.

 Happy holidays and best wishes on chasing your running goals,

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