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Shorts vs. Tights - The Great Debate

Posted by George Parker on

Once upon a time in the world of running, the choice was simple: shorts. However, as the running community evolves, the classic shorts are now sharing the track with their snug counterpart, tights. Let's delve into the advantages and disadvantages of each, helping you find your perfect fit for those miles ahead.

Running Shorts: Unleashing Leg Mobility


  1. Freedom of Motion: With shorter inseams, running shorts offer unparalleled freedom for leg movement, making them an excellent choice for sprinters and those who prioritize agility.
  2. Breathability: Shorts allow for enhanced ventilation, keeping your legs cooler in warmer weather conditions.
  3. Versatility: Suitable for various running styles, lengths, and intensities, running shorts remain a timeless and versatile choice.


  1. Chafing Potential: In longer distances, chafing may become a concern, especially in humid conditions or for runners with a proclivity for thigh friction.
  2. Limited Coverage: Shorts provide less coverage, exposing more skin to the elements, potentially leading to sunburn or cold discomfort in inclement weather.
  3. Storage Challenges: The minimal design of shorts often lacks adequate storage space, requiring runners to rely on additional accessories for carrying essentials.

Running Tights: Embracing Functionality


  1. Chafe-Free Comfort: Tights reduce the risk of chafing, particularly in wet weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free running experience.
  2. Functional Pockets: Many running tights come equipped with side pockets, providing practical storage for nutrition or essentials during your run.
  3. Compression Benefits: Tights offer compression, aiding in muscle support, improved circulation, and potentially faster recovery after intense runs.


  1. GI Discomfort: Some runners may experience discomfort around the abdominal area due to the compression nature of tights. It's crucial to find a fit that doesn't compromise your digestive comfort.
  2. Temperature Regulation: In warmer weather, tights may lead to overheating, as they offer more coverage and potentially trap heat.
  3. Style Preferences: While functional, the snug fit of tights may not appeal to all runners, who may prefer the more traditional and relaxed style of shorts.

Finding Your Stride: Personal Preferences

The great debate of shorts vs. tights ultimately boils down to personal preference. While shorts offer unrestricted leg movement, tights provide functional features for longer distances and varied weather conditions.

Consider your running style, the distances you cover, and your comfort priorities. Experiment with both to discover which one aligns seamlessly with your running goals. After all, the perfect running attire is the one that empowers you to go the extra mile.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals, 

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