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I Have Hit The Celing

Posted by George Parker on
<b>I Have Hit The Celing</b>
Last week, an entrepreneurial group I am part of hosted a Learning Day where outside speakers shared valuable insights on running a small business. When I started Peregrune in 2017, I never envisioned myself as a business owner. My experience in running a small business was zero. Looking back over the past seven years, despite the numerous obstacles and challenges, the journey has been incredibly rewarding. Much of what I've learned, like in running, has come from coaches and fellow small business owners.

During one of the sessions, the speaker instructed us to shout out, "I Have Hit The Ceiling!" followed by naming a specific challenge we were facing in our businesses. The entire room erupted in a chorus of voices, creating a cacophony of shared struggles. The speaker's point was simple yet profound – everyone encounters difficulties, and the first step to overcoming them is acknowledging their existence. It may not have been groundbreaking advice, but the concept of "Hitting The Ceiling" offers a fresh perspective on our challenges.

Now, think about your running journey. Where have you hit the ceiling? Is there an obstacle or challenge you've been quietly battling, afraid to admit your struggle? Perhaps, just like in the business world, acknowledging the challenge is the pivotal first step towards finding solutions. By giving voice and a name to the obstacle, your mind can shift its focus towards discovering ways to overcome it.

In both business and running, challenges are an inevitable part of the journey. They don't define us; how we face them does. So, the next time you encounter a hurdle, don't be afraid to declare it. Shout it from the rooftops if you must. By doing so, you'll not only break the silence but also open the door to a world of potential solutions and growth.

Here's to facing our challenges head-on, in business and on the running path, and to the countless opportunities that lie beyond those ceilings.

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