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Pro Runner Christian Allen: Peregrune Conversation

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Pro Runner Christian Allen: Peregrune Conversation</b>

Peregrune Runners, meet Christian Allen.

Christian lives and trains in Orem, Utah, where he is on the verge of becoming a professional Mountain and Road Racer. He is a two-time All-American in Cross Country, attending Weber State and Brigham Young University. Christian holds track personal bests of 28:26 in the 10,000m and 13:34 in the 5,000m. He's been busy racing at Snowbird Cirque, Speedgoat 50K, Alta Cirque, Pike's Peak Ascent, Challenge Stellina representing Team USA, and CIM this year. Christian is a husband, dad, devout member of his community, and recently appointed General Manager of the Runner's Corner Specialty Running Store - voted a best Best Running Store for 2023.

Enjoy! We explore a lot in this wide-ranging conversation, including the importance of persistence, focus, and never giving less than your best.

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