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Running in Teton Village, Wyoming While Visiting

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Running in Teton Village, Wyoming While Visiting</b>

Running around the developed areas of Teton Village is the most straightforward route in all seasons. You will accumulate miles by circling the paved parking lots and paths in the upper, middle, and lower village sections. If you do this run on the first day of your trip, you will discover the many sights of Teton Village. It is worth rising early to pause by the stream that gently meanders and cascades in a rocky bed through the center of the resort. In the waning hours of the days, the greenspace surrounding this stream formed by resort hotels transforms into a live concert venue filled with guests relaxing in Adirondack chairs, playing frisbee, and lounging in hammocks. The resort loop is flat, but you can challenge yourself by running the paved roads up the hills to the cabins that overlook Teton Village. In the summertime, you can also hike or run the steep trails on the ski mountain.

Right outside Teton Village is the Moose Wilson Road. Turn left and will have a two-mile scenic run to the west entrance of Grand Teton National Park. Turn right, and you will begin the eight-mile stretch to Jackson, but the route is not safe for runners after a few miles. Widflowers and vast prairies flank the path on both sides. In the morning, you will witness the rising sun peak above the tops of the surrounding mountains before suddenly casting its warm glow across the valley. Grazing horses, cattle, and elk are abundant.

The elevation of Jackson is 6,200 feet above sea level. A guideline is to reduce your expected sea-level pace per mile by 4 seconds for every 1,000 feet above 3,000 feet.



Pinky G's Pizzeria has the best carbs in town, especially if you have kids. Residents have voted Pinky G's as the best pizza in Jackson Hole since 2011. Inside you will find an eclectic, open-air atmosphere of wood tables, big-screen TVs, chalkboard menus, and neon lights. Don't wait for table service. You need to order at the counter and find your table. The pizzeria is open later than other town restaurants, ideal for late-arriving travelers or evening carb-loading.

Mangy Moose is more than a restaurant with a catchy, local name. It is a world-famous après ski destination featuring daily live music, food, and drink. Walking into the restaurant, you are ensconced in the darkness of a Western saloon with Americana artifacts hanging from the rafters and walls like an upscale Cracker Barrel, but with authentic items. The atmosphere is family-friendly, but the scent of whiskey wafts in from the adjourning Mange Moose Saloon. Local bison and trout and a reasonably priced and pleasing kids menu are available.

Dornans Chuckwagon is a family-owned and operated restaurant located in the heart of Jackson Hole on the bank of the Snake River inside the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park. The Pulled Pork BBQ and Beef Brisket are seasoned and smoked on the property. Dornan's is an ideal breakfast, lunch, or dinner stop on travels to Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks. The Chuckwagon is only open from June to September. You can enjoy your meal under a covered pavilion on shared, extra-long picnic tables with breathtaking views of the Tetons in the background.

Cowboy Coffee is a must-try coffee shop in downtown Jackson. Cowboy Coffee is fresh-roasted in Jackson. Voted best coffee in 2022, Cowboy Coffee is no secret to the locals or visitors – there's a line out the day starting early in the morning. Unlike the namesake cowboy coffee brewed over campfires,  Cowboy Coffee delivers high-quality brews and espressos with no trace of campfire grit and grounds.

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