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Small Successes

Posted by George Parker on
<b>Small Successes</b>

Randall Wallace is an American screenwriter, film director, producer, and songwriter. You may be most familiar with his screenplay for the historical drama film Braveheart. Randall discussed the importance of "small successes." His context was writing, but he generalized to other pursuits. His idea was that grand achievements rarely happen the first time or overnight. If they do, we hear all about them and believe these stories are the rule rather than the exception. Instead, Randall said most accomplishments result from "small successes" gained each hour of each day that culminate over time.

Running, for many, is not just a physical activity but a journey of persistence. And like any journey, it's not always about the leaps and bounds but often the small, consistent steps forward. It’s about those incremental gains, the "small successes," that build over time.

Consider a new runner. The first run might only last a few minutes before exhaustion sets in. But by adding just an extra minute or even a few seconds more each day, they gradually build endurance. Over time, these small additions compound, transforming someone who could barely run for five minutes into a marathon finisher.

Or think about seasoned runners working on speed. Shaving a few seconds off their mile time might not seem monumental in isolation, but cumulatively, these "small successes" can lead to achieving personal bests.

Randall's concept reinforces that progress doesn't always manifest in grand gestures or breakthroughs. In running, as in writing, the daily commitment, the dedication to achieving a bit more each day, makes the difference.

In a world that often celebrates the grandiose and the dramatic, it's essential to remember the power of consistency and celebrate those "small successes." They serve as building blocks, paving the way for larger achievements.

Best wishes on chasing your running goals.


Photo Credit: Friends of Stephen Pretak

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